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Waiting Group Activation for Designers?

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Waiting Group Activation for Designers?

Sun Feb 20, 2011 12:21 pm

Have you requested to join the group Designers, but haven't been accepted? Well this was my case for a few months (I actually registered around ManMega was around) and some of you may have noticed around a week ago (actually my birthday 13th) was when I finally got into the group. So this topic is to help you guys out so you don't haft to wait months like me.

Well I had sent HungryHound a message regarding why it's been taking over 8 months for activation, or whatnot, and here's his reply.
hungryhounduk wrote:For some reason I cannot add members to the Designers list, I usually get Codenstuff to add Members to it, So can you pm him and asked to be added to the list cooll;
So if you guys are waiting, send Code'N'Stuff a message, regarding your wait, and hey should accept you, unless there's some sort of reason otherwise.

However just wait about a week, and if you're not accepted within 7 days, then send him the message to make him aware of your wait. However keep in mind he is a busy dude, so don't go spamming his inbox, let alone anyone else on here.


~Mike aka Speed

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