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  • Unity basics for beginners

  • Post your tutorials, resources, help and support questions relating to the MonoGame in here.
Post your tutorials, resources, help and support questions relating to the MonoGame in here.
 #78745  by reececlarke
 Wed Nov 13, 2013 3:24 pm
What is unity?
Unity is a game engine that can be used to create games on almost all platforms e.g. Mac,Windows,Linux,Android, IOS and more and uses the programming languages C# and Java.

It has a free version and a paid for version if you earn over a certain amount on a game you made using unity all of the differences on the licences can be found here.

Good thing to note you can only develop for ios on a mac because apple don't understand that allowing developers to develop from a larger amount of platforms is a good thing and are extremely closed minded although to be fair who is going to develop for iPhone's when you have android?

Where can I get Unity?

Now that I have installed Unity what should i do?
well to start off with what you can do is make a basic level to do this launch Unity and create a new project and name it what ever you like once you have done that you should get a screen like the one bellow.
now in assets right click and go to import package character controller once you click import on a screen that pops up under assets you will find a file called stranded assets if we open that and open the file called character controllers we will find a 3rd person controller and a first person controller before we used these what we are going to want to do is to open up the game object menu create other and then terrain once you done that drag the first person controller onto the terrain making sure to drag it up so that its not going though the terrain then you are ready you should have the following.
now go over to the play button and you should be able to run around on the terrain remember to press ctrl + P to get in and out of play mode!