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  • Movle Nav Bar (Help)

 #78985  by muttley1968
 Tue Dec 03, 2013 6:08 pm
Hello I am working on a project for college and attempting to make a navbar that's new and different basically when the user first visits the site it will show a box saying "to move the Navigation bar drag from the bottom left to where you want it to be" then if you drag to the right it docks to the right and if you move to left it snaps to the left same for to and bottom much like winodws task bar does.

Problem being I don't know how to code this in css
We also want a preview of the webpage shown when you hover over

so im going to explan the bottom layout as its easier to explain you would have
5 buttons
|"contact us" \ "About" \ "Home" /"F+Q" / "Helpful links"|

The box on the top right would be a drag box
and if you hovered over a button for example About it would slide up a squre like windows prevew on its taskbar

IS this possible and if so could anyone make a tut for me to follow