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Discussion about the latest Tablet software, hardware, accessories.
 #57005  by hungryhounduk
 Fri Nov 04, 2011 7:56 am
Hey Peeps

Anyone else got one?

If you have post up some pics with ya stats and also what Widgets/Programs are you running on it and what you think about it cooll;

I have just got one and they really are pretty awesome, I Updated it to Uberoid and now have the Proper Android Market Installed. The WIFI is really good (thats after I updated it) as it was droping out beforehand, the screen is good, the Touchscreen is Nice, its very portable and at some point I will get a 10" Tablet.

Apps I have Installed

Adobe Reader = Yeah i love Pdf files

Alarm Clock = works great

Video Player = Excellent and play them with no Lag cooll;

Music Player = Excellent for Mp3 and other formats

Advanced Task Killer = Excellent

Angry Birds Rio = Nice if you like Games

ApkInstaller = install Apk files on the go

Apps Organiser = reorganise your apps

Appsaver = saves apps from Device to Card

Browser = very good

GMail = works

Spirit Level= works

Calculator = works

Calendar = works

Camera = not bad

Clock good = works

Contacts = add contacts like Addressbook type thing

Documents to go = **Havent used it yet

Dr Web (Antivirus)= seems good so far

Ebay = looks great on screen and works well

Email = Yeah and its all Portable

Android Market (Proper)= excellent

My Recorder = Records Voice from Microphone built in ( a bit Tinny)

Notepad = very simple to use, but works

Rom Toolbox = not used yet

Root Explorer = Yeah great

Smart SWF (Flash Player)= Play what I need :D

Urban Dictionary = Search Street slang etc

world Atlas = nice,Like googleMaps

YouTube ( works Brilliant)

** So yeah I would definately say that Tablets are the way forward

Pics to come soon.