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Discussion about the latest Tablet software, hardware, accessories.
 #52405  by mikethedj4
 Sat Sep 03, 2011 12:16 pm
As some of you may already know one of my projects atm is redesigning Alternative App's website. (see article here)

However I can never hold an Android device, or an iOS device long enough to give the free apps a try. (In about exactly 128 days I'll get a free iPod Touch from Swagbucks) However There's apps available for the iPad, and iPhone, that aren't available for the iPod, and visa versa.

So if you "OWN" your own Android, or iOS device, and would like to be apart of the team please put your statement below. As of why you should be on the team, how you'll be a valuable member, and state your opinion on what the statement, "The best free alternative." means to you.
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 #52407  by Codex
 Sat Sep 03, 2011 12:26 pm
I would like to be part of this because i like to try out new apps all the time.
I have an iPhone 4 (iOS 4.3.4)
"The best free alternative" means to me giving everybody a chance to experience free stuff instead of paying.
 #52408  by Agust1337
 Sat Sep 03, 2011 12:54 pm
I would like it too.
I own LG Optimus GT540 running Android 2.1 phone and an iPod Touch 4g fw. 4.3.5
 #52414  by MrAksel
 Sat Sep 03, 2011 1:57 pm
I have a Samsung G5570 with android and an iPod. So i want to join. The beat free alternative means a really good free.alternative to paid slftware. I ccould be a valued member because i can test apps almost all the time. On both Android and iOS