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Discussion about the latest Tablet software, hardware, accessories.
 #81032  by hungryhounduk
 Wed Apr 02, 2014 11:57 am
Hey Guys and Gals

The Blackberry Playbook

Screen Capture from Playbook


I have just bought a Blackberry Playbook 64 gig/1 gig ram/7 inch Tablet ( well i have bought 2 of them cooll; and I am waiting for the 2nd one to arrive in the Post)

The Blackberry Playbook loves to Multitask cooll; you can have loads of apps/browsers open and does not affect the Performance...

I dont know if anyone has one or has used one of these, but they are pretty Awesome!! the quality of the screen is second to none and the Video/Game quality is Brilliant. It has a great Webbrowser, it's WIFI and Bluetooth and has HDMI as well, Built in Youtube,Twitter,Facebook etc, you can connect wirelessly to your Blackberry Phones and SYNC the 2 together.

Gaming on the Playbook

Games Ipad v Playbook

Its got a 5 MEGAPIXEL back CAMERA
and a 3 MEGAPIXEL front CAMERA

It takes 1080p Video, The quality is amazing

VIDEO CHAT - You can chat between Playbooks on the WIFI and share whats going on on your playbook to your friends.

Also the probably best thing about it is that you can ROOT it, which will give you the option to run ANDROID OP/SYS on it and all the apps and games as well...

Happy Days

On Ebay they are selling these around the £50.00 mark

I am waiting on the second one ( a 32 gig version but same spec) and that one comes with a Case with Bluetooth Keyboard, Charger,Cables,Soft Case and i got all that for £51.00..

I will take some pics and post them into this thread

All these are screen captures from the Blackberry Playbook






Photobucket on Tablet

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 #81034  by hungryhounduk
 Wed Apr 02, 2014 2:05 pm
Usman55 wrote:Congratulations!

But what do you need 2 tablets for?
Because I am Greedy and I am a Gadget Freak wahooo;

No Seriously, They are Lovely Looking and Working Tablets, and for the price, they are coming second to the Ipad in Popularity, and they are built on a stable Operating System.

Try one out and see what I mean

 #81035  by Shim
 Wed Apr 02, 2014 2:51 pm
Ohhh cool.. I'm also playing undercover on iPhone 3G
 #81042  by CodenStuff
 Wed Apr 02, 2014 6:47 pm
£50 sounds good for a 64gig tablet, I may have to check ebay ;)

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