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Fri Jan 27, 2012 5:06 pm

Virtuality Movie/TV Pilot

This was a pilot for a TV series that apparently never got made so it was released as a 'movie' and I decided to watch it while I grabbed something to eat...not a good decision lol.

Ok so this is a film about a small group of people on a space ship on their way to some planet and the film picks up about half way through their journey and it starts out fine (the film I mean) but 2 minutes into watching the film is when it all goes weird. The captain of the ship is enjoying himself in a virtual reality world like the holodecks on star trek when a strange character turns up and shoots him..turns out to be some kindof computer glitch.

Anyway most of the crew start to see this same character while in their own virtual worlds and he does various bad things to them and scares them. I kept watching it because it got me thinking about what this strange character could be..maybe a ghost or an alien life form in the computer or maybe even the computer itself trying to kill off the crew all of which would have made for a pretty good movie......

....I watched and waited for the big reveal of what was going on and watched the movie all the way to the end....there was no reveal and despite the film ending it didnt actually have an ending...it just ended :? and I still have NO fecking idea what it was about lol.

Im sat here right now thinking about it and I honestly dont have a clue im left confused and wondering what the heck it was all about and im even questioning my sanity because im not sure if I actually did watch the film or if I just imagined the whole thing idoit;

If anyone has seen this film and knows what it was about then please tell me im dying to know lol.

Watch this film if you want your brain scrambled.
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Re: Virtuality

Fri Jan 27, 2012 8:21 pm

It is such a bad feeling, I know it! This feeling stuck in my mind for a whole week, I kept wondering all the time. I couldn't even sleep.

Good luck, bro.

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