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Windows 10 Focused Mail Tab

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Windows 10 Focused Mail Tab

Sat Mar 11, 2017 4:33 pm

Hello Coders,

Some or all of you currently running Windows 10 may have noticed recently that Microsoft added a new featured which they call "Focused Inbox" which basically organizes your mail in to two categories, Focused and Other. Email that lands in your Focused tab are what Microsoft deem to be important emails or mail you receive from contacts that you regularly interact with.

The feature is good for some but for me it is just proving a pain in the mailbox.

If you also don't like it then here is how to turn it off:

1) Open the Mail app.
2) Open Settings pane.
3) Click Reading.
4) Scroll down and you will find the new Focused Inbox options. Turn off Sort the messages into Focused and Other.

I also hate the contact icons they've added to the mail list, it is really distracting when cycling through my emails. Unfortunately it appears there is no way to turn this feature off yet.
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