Its been a few years now!

Hello new members say hi and tell us a little about yourself. Everyone is made welcome here.
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Its been a few years now!

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Good Evening everyone!

It has been a while, I think it was 2018 I was last here, I just want to say what a great new look!

I am still writing apps/programs for myself to make my life easier, but I have now changed what I do for a living... well I think I have added to it really... I used to make websites... I still do when I have to but I am now an indie game dev!

I have released one game on steam called Hunt N Cloak ( not many good reviews as it is a fully online game that you need to play with friends (hide n seek/ prop hunt) as the people saying there are bugs really showed on the refund that there were no servers to play on shame they can't be truthful...

I am creating my second game... "Oval Racer Series - Stoxkarts" also on steam as coming soon. I use the UE4 engine and I'm loving it!

tell me what have you all been up to? It's great to see this place is still around!
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